During the game, player can purchase puzzles from Chirp's shop. There are a total of eight puzzles in the game, nine pieces each. Each puzzle set has it's own unique effect. Completed puzzles can be viewed at the museum.


Puzzle set Effect
Puzzle rich
Mr Blingman Better growth of Mr Blingman horses
Puzzle idol
Priscilla Better growth of Priscilla horses
Puzzle president
Truman Better growth of Truman horses
Puzzle yankee
Richie Better growth of Richie horses
Puzzle hatsumeika
Prof. Ozimof Better growth of Prof. Ozimof horses
Puzzle tsubame
Chirp 50% chance of items in the shop being 50% off
Puzzle solitibakun
The Horse 50% chance of the shop selling Lucky Gloves and/or Joker Crop
Puzzle uma jockey
The Player Increased crop effiectiveness during homestretch